Our Advanced Skin Care Facial Treatments are designed exclusively to rescue, restore and maintain vitality in mature or prematurely aged skin. The passage of time depletes skins energy, but so do lifestyle behaviors. Fueled by active ingredients and the latest industry technology, each Advanced Facial Treatment will lift, tone and refine your skin. Ultrasound peptide saturation, stimulation of collagen and elastin production, layered serums, and multiple masques deliver visible benefits after just one session but the impressive results are cumulative.


At Specktra6 in Sheboygan, we really feel like our facials are more than just a relaxing spa experience.  Positive changes in your skin can be seen within one appointment, and we give you tips on how to maintain and even improve on that.

We utilize professional skin care lines that contain effective levels of vitamins and peptides that actually make positive changes in your skin.  We are a big fan of science, and we guide you in addressing your skin health from all the angles.  

Specktra6 uses several electrotherapeutic devices in the Advanced Skin Care Facials that they offer.  These machines help to penetrate vitamins and peptides deep into your skin, and they actually help your skin barrier to repair itself!  Sono-electric and Phototherapy equipment help to stimulate the energy center of the skin cell and can help to restore the normal electrical potential of aging cells. Healthy skin cells = younger looking and more radiant skin!

 We have been Certified Acne Specialists since 2016, and we've had amazing results treating problematic skin adhering to Dr Fulton’s and Face Reality’s methodology.  The program takes a commitment on your part, as well as ours.  To learn more, please see our Specktra6 Clear Skin Program page. 

We love to treat all ages of skin- from the 12 year old who needs some guidance about proper cleansing and SPF, to the 70 year old who regrets having too much fun in the sun as a teen.  All of our facials are geared towards your goals, and we take into consideration the current condition and health of your skin.