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An artist and her tools. . .

Part of being an expert is choosing materials that help elevate skill. At Specktra6 we are proud to offer products chosen through detailed research and proven by results. 


Specktra6 Skin Care

2017 is a turning point for skincare excellence at Specktra6. The time finally arrived when the demand for customization could not be ignored, so we heeded the call and struck out in search of a lab who could not only meet but help us raise the bar we work to maintain. Just like the the symbolism the numeral 6 carries, we feel our new products are the perfect sum of their parts – a little bit organic, a little bit mad scientist. What’s our can’t live without product in the new lineup? A brilliant physical sunscreen with the faintest tint that works for everyone.

Environ Skin Care Sheboygan WI

Environ Skin Care

Specktra6 Sheboygan is pleased to announce that we are an official Environ Stockist! 
Environ is completely results-driven.  The ingredients and techniques all have a scientific basis for inclusion in the range.  Known for their cutting edge STEP-UP SYSTEM ingredients in a variety iof strengths and formulations, Environ products are intended for use on all skin types, for people of all ages, all ethnicities and both genders.  

Interested in purchasing Environ Skin Care Products, Specktra6 Skincare Products, or Face Reality Skin Care Products online or in-spa in Sheboygan, WI?  Please fill out this form so we can start helping you to get the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible! 

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