Deep Tissue Barefoot Massage

Using soft, clean feet and overhead bars for balance, this massage is known as "the most luxurious massage on the planet!" Make your appointment to experience pain relief and relaxation.

*If you have certain medical issues this massage may not be appropriate. Please contact me prior to booking to discuss*

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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy


45 minute - $60

1 hour- $80

75 minute- $100

1.5 hour- $120

2 hour- $200

Pre- and Post-natal Massage

Performed with the mother to be lying on a pregnancy cushion and tailored to a pregnant bodies specific needs, prenatal massage provides significant physical stress relief.  This massage is swedish-style, done with the therapist's hands.  1 hour session regular price is $80

Stone Massage

This hour massage utilizes both hot and cool stones. Heat from warm basalt stones penetrates deeply to help loosen and soothe tight muscles, and cool marble stones are used to reduce inflammation to create a balanced and rejuvenating treatment. 1 hour $100


“I received a barefoot ashiatsu massage from was the BEST MASSAGE I've ever had.  The perfect amount of pressure to loosen all my tight muscles, combined with the relaxation and pampering that is a must with any good massage.  I'll never go anywhere else!!  (But I WILL be returning for more - frequently!)”

— Sara

“After losing a good massage therapist who moved out of state, I took my time trying to find a really good massage therapist. A colleague recommended Ginger so I set up an appointment. I was excited to try the "ashiatsu" massage therapy, which is where Ginger uses bars overhead to help support herself as she gives a massage with her feet. It was absolutely blissful! I've had many massages but my first ashiatsu massage with her was the best I'd ever had! Recently I had surgery and was unable to have ashiatsu done for a short while, so she listened to my needs and created an outstanding massage that didn't interfere with my surgery site at all. I feel so lucky to have found Ginger - her exquisite attention to my needs and her sincere care for my health and welfare make her an absolute gem. Thanks Ginger!!!”

— Julia

“I have been a client of Ginger's for years. She is educated, knowledgeable, attentive, and really makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend her services.”

— Nicole

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