Advanced Skin Care Facial
1 hour $110 | 1.5 hour $160 | 2 hour $200

Your skin is one of your most precious assets, and every skin is unique. Specktra6’s facial therapies are tailored to treat individual concerns and to nurture and restore skin, through non-destructive methods. Our luxurious personalised treatments include iontophoresis and our innovative sonophoresis, which greatly improve the efficacy of our vitamin therapies. Specktra6’s facials combine scientifically advanced skin care products with our electrotherapeutic machines for optimal results, assisting in a smoother, healthier looking skin.

To receive the most benefit to our treatments, use of our suggested home care is essential.

Teen Facial
45 minutes - $75

This facial is for ladies or gents ages 12-17. A thorough cleanse and analysis is done, and we teach you how to properly care for your skin, and what types of products are appropriate. Acne concerns will be addressed as needed.

Mini FOCUS facial
30 minutes - $45

A thorough cleanse and exfoliation is done. Time permitting, we may do extractions and/or a hydrating mask. Appropriate moisturizer and SPF will be applied. For teens, please choose "Teen Facial" as we'll have enough time to address all concerns. For adults, please choose an "Advanced Skin Care Facial" if your needs exceed the offerings of this length of treatment.

Pore Cleansing Facial
1 hour - $95

This skincare facial focuses on deep pore cleansing and extractions, along with calming the skin and steps to prevent future breakouts. It is more in-depth than a mini-FOCUS facial. (This is not part of Specktra6's Clear Skin Program)

-NEW Skincare Treatment—
Electric Youth

1.5 hour $190

This brand new 90 minute facial incorporates electrotherapeutic facial machines (microcurrent, galvanic), LED, high frequency and ultrasound. Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, and then targeted serums, peptides, and vitamins are layered under a masque application. I use various tools to penetrate active ingredients, increase collagen and elastin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Includes a targeted neck and decollete treatment. A relaxing neck, shoulder, hand and arm and lower leg & foot massage included.

Cool Peel
45 minute - $110

Environ has revolutionised the way the world looks at peeling through it's remarkable Cool Peeling system. It is based on maintaining the natural physiology of skin. The Cool Peel approach includes a series of light acid cream peels, which reduces the skin pH levels and triggers the release of growth factors in a safe and gentle manner. These peels are designed to preserve the architecture of the skin, whilst stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermis to increase the quantity of collagen. Your skin needs to be healthy and adequately prepped prior to this treatment. If you’re a new client, please contact me prior to booking so we can start you on approved home care and schedule you a facial where I can evaluate your skin health.

Cool Peel with Vitamin and Peptide Infusion
75 minute - $175

Our Cool Peel is enhanced by the addition of an infusion of vitamins and peptides, under a biocellulose or alginate mask.

SPECKTRA6 Clear Skin Bootcamp
Your first step to clear skin starts with this appointment- a consultation and skin sensitivity test. Expect to spend about $140-$180 on REQUIRED home care products, and have your calendar ready to schedule a treatment every 2 weeks! You'll have much clearer skin in as little as 3-4 months! See our Clear Skin page for more information.

Getting Married?
Depending on how far away the date is, we can formulate a plan to get you the beautiful glowing skin you deserve on your big day. Starting treatments and home care at least 4 months prior to the wedding is optimal, but we can also make improvements in a shorter amount of time.
You can start by booking an Advanced Skin Care Facial or a Pore Cleansing Facial. Contact me if you’d like a suggestion for your particular concerns.