Specktra6 Clear Skin Program Consultation               $75

Your first step to clear skin starts with an extensive consultation appointment.  We will determine your skin type, skin condition, conduct a sensitivity test, troubleshoot issues that contribute to your individual acne condition and discuss how to move forward. Participation in the acne management program is a team effort – please have your calendar ready to schedule a treatment every 2 weeks. If you comply fully with the program requirements (keep your appointments and faithfully use your home care products), you can have much clearer, healthier skin in as little as 90 days.

*Expect to spend $150 - $200+ on initial required home care products*

Specktra6 Clear Skin Program Treatment                   $75

Each clear skin program treatment features a cleanse, mild enzyme or mild peel, and extractions as needed. Your skin will demand slightly different treatment at each visit, which may include making minor changes to home care product.

Clear Skin Treatment + LED                                            $90
Your skin may clear quicker with the addition of LED during your regular treatment, as blue LED has been proven to destroy p. acnes.  This is especially helpful if you have inflammatory (can be pustular, red, raised, or painful) acne lesions.  

SPECKTRA6 Clear Skin Bootcamp - long distance clients
Initial consultation $75
Biweekly check ins via text or video chat $50
Required home care to start $140-$180
Your first step is filling out this application to see if we’ll be a good fit.

Before & After pictures of clients following the same program outlined above.